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Do you want to work in south africa? – this is all you should know

how long have we been there –

we as a nation have always been well connected and documented to the rainbow country.

  • from migrants and there vast documentation coming from the historical times
  • arrival of indentured labourers in natal in 1960
  • arrival of indian traders after 1880


do a lot of indians live in south africa –

  • durban host one of the largest concentration of indian diaspora
  • ministry of external affairs ( mea ) reported 1.5 million in 2018 with over 60,000 non resident and 15,00,000 of indian origin


will you get the indian food –

  • fordsburg in johannesburg will give you the taste of indian street food and halaal shops and indian sweetmeats

how will you move to the beautiful beach nation

  • short-term solution such as a visitor visa,
  • a longer-term work or study visa
  • permanent residence permit
  • we got you covered as compared to the most countries south africa is comparatively have many consultancy and in home agencies which allows you to go through the process or the duration that suits you and make a choice for yourself.

visa – is that an issue

  • temporary residence permits and permanent residence permits. these are the two major categories where they divide you and give you the option to choose any one of them.
  • temporary visa – if you want to study or want to work temporary
  • permanent visa – work visa and the company to which your work assign you to do so


  • general work permit – the company which is hiring you should show the documentation saying that they were unable to find anyone in your position to work for them.
  • quota system -job requirement means that employers do not need to advertise before bringing a foreign national to work for them.
  • however, this visa service carries its own requirement and applications must demonstrate that the applicant has the necessary skills along with five years of relevant experience.

you can be the exceptional worker

  • in avery unique concept of the working community experience the south african country allows you to work in very many files which requires you to demonstrate your ability and volla you can work for them. following are the major areas where you can work
  • organization and information
  • technicians and biomedical engineers
  • manufacturing and process
  • construction and manufacturing
  • health
  • science
  • mechanical engineering
  • physical and natural science
  • communication and information technology
  • education
  • fabrication engineering
  • building and engineering
  • science and agriculture
  • jewelry

documents – following are the main documentation that you will require to fill -

  • application form
  • valid passport
  • application fe
  • proof of financial means
  • a yellow fever certificate
  • pcc ( police clearance certificates)
  • medical reports
  • motivation letter


how safe is it – compared too the other nation

  • india and south africa has lot in common where both the countries share their ideals from gandhi and his journy to the common shared international platforms brics and ibsa
  • both the countries have common economics , culture and work ethics which the host country has been part of .

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