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South Africa Visa Requirements While Traveling with Children

Since you may be traveling to the other country, it is important to be very clear about the prevailing regulations so that you don’t end up making any mistakes. You would probably not want to extend the South Africa visa application procedures too long. Taking a look at some of the most important matters will make things rather sophisticated.

Travelling to South Africa with Children

Considerable amendments in the regulations regarding South African visa that continues with time, requires you to stay aware of how things would be enacted upon and what should be your concern and reaction with regards to those. While you’re traveling to the country along with your children, there may be several important things that you need to know. This list of considerations would include a lot more than the basic requirements like medicines or clothing.

What is an unabridged birth certificate? Do you need it?

The matters of child trafficking that are being addressed worldwide have required the Department of Home Affairs, South Africa to get rather strict about children entering the country. An Unabridged birth certificate carries some basic details about the child along with name and contact details of their parents. Well, the child’s passport will also list down these details about their parents. Therefore, technically there could be no special reason to carry an unabridged certificate.

Considering corruption, mismanagement and constitutional violations, unabridged birth certificates had been forever stained. With this, the requirement of unabridged certificates by minors has been overturned. This is one of the most considerable changes brought into the immigration regulations for South Africa. You are therefore not required to carry the unabridged certificate.

A Parental Consent Affidavit

If you’re travelling to South Africa with children but without the other parent, you would be required to complete several more documentation to make your way through immigration. The procedures regarding the Parental Consent Affidavit have to be completed by the parent who isn’t traveling from the Department of Home Affairs.

Along with the fact that this form has been completed and signed by the non-traveling parent, you should also ensure that it is certified in order to be considered valid. This document has to be submitted along a certified copy of the ID and passport of the parent who’s not traveling.

Court Order

In cases where it is not possible or difficult to attain the parental consent affidavit, a court order that grants the complete parenting rights to the traveling parent would be considered.

Other Documents

For children who may be traveling with their parents or legal guardians would be required to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of birth certificate of the child that includes the details about both parents.
  • A letter of consent from the non traveling parent when a child is traveling with only one parent.
  • A copy of ID and passport of the legal guardian of the child.
  • A copy of court order that grants the complete parental rights to the traveling parent.

For unaccompanied children the documents required are as follows:

  • A copy of their birth certificate.
  • A letter of consent from one or both parents or legal guardian, being aware of the child entering into South Africa.
  • A copy of the passport of parents or legal guardian.
  • A letter from the person who would receive the child in South Africa. This letter should contain their residential address and contact details.
  • A copy of ID or passport and the valid permanent residence permit or visa of the person receiving the child.

Since you may be seeking to submit the South Africa visa application for your next visit to the country with your children, the above-mentioned details may prove to be of great use to you.

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