• A duly completed application form (DHA-1733A) signed by applicant
  • Passport valid for no less than 30 days after expiry of intended visit (at least Two unused/blank visa pages)
  • Two (2) passport photos
  • Corporate Permit of Company
  • Corporate worker authorization certificate in the name of applicant
  • Attested ID Copy of person signing the letter
  • Undertaking and Repatriation Letter from SA Company
  • Attested SAQA letter
  • Job Contract accepted by employee
  • Attested Indian qualifications
  • CV
  • Experience and Relieving letter attested
  • PCC (PCC from Regional Passport Office)
  • Medical Report (Applicable in Delhi) Medical Report issued by registered medical practioner on letterhead with regard to applicant's general state of health. Report not older than 6 months at time of submission. (Applicable in Mumbai)
  • Radiology Report (chest X-ray) (Applicable in Delhi) Radiological Report issued by a registered radiologist on letterhead certifying that the applicant has been examined by him or her with regard to active pulmonary TB signs. Report not older than 6 months at time of submission. Not applicable to under 12 years and pregnant women. (Applicable in Mumbai)
Type of visa Validity  Processing  Professional fee Total cost
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