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7 Misconceptions about South Africa Work Visa Busted

7 Misconceptions about South Africa Work Visa Busted

There are several misconceptions about South Africa work visa that seem to have become a norm. Unfortunately, believing these misconceptions would only set you up for failure right from the inception of your visa application. Luckily, this article would clear up the seven most believed misconceptions and give you the real fact behind the South Africa visa application.

Misconception 1: My South African Work Visa Is Guaranteed If I Receive a Job Offer in South Africa

Most people believe that they are guaranteed of getting a work visa once they have received a job offer in South Africa. However, the truth is that a job offer in South Africa is NOT ENOUGH reason on its own to guarantee a South African work visa. With your job offer, there are other South African visa requirements you must meet. After then, you can initiate your work visa application,

Misconception 2: I Can Take Up My Employment in South Africa As Soon As I Have Submitted My Visa Application

If you think you can start working for your employer immediately you submit your visa application, then you are wrong. You MUST HAVE YOUR VISA APPROVED and in your hand before you should commence work with your employer. Until your visa is approved, you can’t work legally for your South African employer.

Misconception 3: I Can Work For Any Employer with My Approved South African Work Visa

A number of immigrants are misguided that they can work with any employer once they have their work visa approved. However, the WORK VISA STIPULATES A PARTICULAR EMPLOYER. That means, if you want to change your employer, you must also change the employer on your visa through the Home Affairs Department.

This is also valid with South Africa critical skills visa from India. If you have your critical skills visa tied to a particular employer, you must change your employer on the visa if you wish to work with a new employer.

Misconception 4: My Approved Work Visa Also Permits My Accompanying Spouse to Work in South Africa

No, your work visa DOES NOT PERMIT your accompanying spouse to take up any job offer, get involved in any business, or start a study in South Africa. Instead, your work visa ONLY PERMITS accompanying spouse to reside in South Africa. This means they cannot work, study or be involved in business while living in South Africa.

Misconception 5: I Already Have an Approved Work Visa, Renewing My Visa Will Be Very Quick and Easy Too

Unfortunately, this is wrong. At the expiration of your work visa, renewing your visa is as good as filing a new visa application. You would have to undergo a similar process and meet all the visa requirements at the Home Affairs Department. The process also takes the same duration as the new application, which is NOT VERY QUICK AND EASY.

Misconception 6: My Work Visa Will Qualify Me For Permanent Residence If I Have Worked For Many Years.

This case is not always true for all South African work visas. For instance, if you have a general work visa for more than five consecutive years, you are qualified for permanent residence. For critical skills visa, gaining more than five years of relevant, post-graduate experience in your field of critical skill will qualify you for a permanent residence immediately.

Misconception 7: I Am An Overseas Employee Of A South African Employer, I Telework And Receive Salary From South Africa, I Don’t Need A Work Visa To Enter South Africa

You are wrong as you are still a foreigner. You will need a South African visa to enter into South Africa for any reason and your purpose of entering into South Africa will determine the type of visa you should apply for.

Do you still have any misconception about South African work visas? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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