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5 Big Benefits of South African Permanent Residency Permit

Have you heard about the South African permanent residency permit and the hitch associated with obtaining one? Now you are wondering if applying for PR visa in SA worth it.

I tell you, applying for a PR visa in SA worth it and here are the reasons why. Though there are many advantages associated with being a permanent residency permit holder, this article will present five big benefits you would enjoy when you apply for the South African permanent residency visa.

Note that permanent residency permit differs greatly from temporary residency permit in two ways:

  • The permanent residency permit holder can reside, study, work, and start a business enterprise freely in South Africa.
  • Unlike with the temporary residency permit, permanent residency permit does not expire but remains valid indefinitely. The holder must only enter into South Africa at least once every three years.

Can you see why it is preferable to be a permanent residency permit holder? Read on for the five big benefits of SA PR visa.

Greater Flexibility

The SA permanent residency permit enables holders to live, study, work, or start a business freely in South Africa. This means that you can move about freely, start up any kind of business you wish, or take up any type of studies – short course, part-time, or full-time. Temporary residence permit only permits full-time studies.

Greater Security

Permanent residency visa holders do not need to renew their visas. Hence, they are safe from the worry, uncertainty, and delay associated with visa renewal. The PR visa gives holders similar right as a South African citizen.

No More Visa Application Admin

Making sure that all necessary paperwork is complete and up-to-date is temporary resident’s least favorite part of a South Africa visa application. But if you are a permanent resident, you have no more deal with visa application admin, who would now be a thing of the past.

No More Spending Money on Visa Applications

Since there would be no more need to update travel documents or renew visas, permanent residence South African holders can save more money as they won’t have to spend more money to continue their stay in South Africa.

Ease of PR Visa Application for Family Members of Permanent Residency Permit Holders

The last benefit to be considered is that it is easy for family members of a permanent residency permit holder to also apply for South African PR visas.

Now that you have seen all the benefits open to South African permanent residency permit holder, you may want to know how long it will take to obtain the SA PR visa.

What Is The SA PR Visa Application Processing Time?

It currently takes about 24 months for the Department of Home Affairs to process the permanent residency visa application. The unpleasant news is that there is no way to expedite the application process and this may be frustrating. However, considering the benefits of being a South African permanent resident, it is worth the wait.

For more information or assistance on South African permanent residency visa application, kindly contact us today and our friendly consultants will promptly respond to you. Contact Else Mart now on +27 (0) 61 578 0000 or email at info@elsemart.com.

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