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South African found under top 10 visa applicants for Australia 

While there are numerous people seeking guidance for South African Visa for Indians, several studies highlighted the fact that South African migrants had been the most successful applicants of Australian visa. In fact, South African migrants have been placed eighth in the world list for entering Australia.

This data has been approved by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Also, a glance at the profile of any typical South African migrant in Australia will let you know the reason for them being so popular in Australia.

Considering the existing data, it could be ascertained that this migrant popularity was established around in 2006. This was when the Australian government approved more than 111000 visa applications from South Africa. In the ten years that followed 70000 more South Africans joined them while the rest of the population resided in South Africa.

Lighting up the historical events

The links between Australia and South Africa are known to prevail since the European Settlement established for the supply of food and livestock from the Cape of Good Hope to Australia’s British Penal colony. The first vine stock in Australia was also known to come from South Africa. In the 1850s, the discovery of gold was a major factor for attracting South African and European settlers.

As per the 1901 Census records, 1500 people born in South Africa were found to be living in Australia. This number gradually started growing and reached to 6179 people in 1933. All of them actually called Australia to be their home. During the 1970s and 1980s, the political tension in South Africa again spurred the wave of immigration. By the year 1986, over 37000 South Africans had left their country to start a new life in Australia.

Typical ‘Saffa’ profile


As per the 2011 Census records, 145683 South Africans were known to be living in Australia. Out of these, over 40000 lived in New South Wales, 35, 549 in Queensland; 35,327 in Western Australia and 24, 447 in Victoria. Rest of the population is regarded to be scattered indifferent parts of the continent.

Age and gender:

The census data revealed the average of the South African population in Australia to be 39 years. This age group held the greatest share. Apart from this 37 percent of the entire South African population was known to be between 25 and 44 years. Among these half were female migrants and half were males.

Mother Tongue:

In comparison to the people speaking Afrikaans, the ones speaking English were three times more. During the Census of 2011, around 37000 South African migrants said that they spoke a language other than English at home. Out of the English speakers 97. 5 percent spoke English well or very well and 1 percent spoke English not well.

Median Income:

South Africans had been known for commanding a much higher salary than any other migrants, Aussies themselves. During the 2011 Census, the individual weekly income of a South Africa migrant aged 15 years and above was known to be $882, as compared to $538 and $597 for other overseas migrants and Aussies respectively. The median individual weekly income of the Australian population was $557.


Since the very beginnings, South Africans in Australia had been more qualified and educated than any other migrants or Australians. As per the 2011 Census, about 70.1 percent of the South African population was known to hold some form of higher non-school qualification. On the other hand, this share was just 55.9 percent for the Australian population. 10.5 percent of the South African population, who were aged 15 years or above were still attending some educational institutions. For the total Australian population, this corresponding rate was 6.8 percent.


Most of the South Africans are known to migrate to Australia either with a job offer or explicit skills that could make them instantly employable. Over 76 percent of the South Africans, living in Australia are known to be employed. As per the website of the Australian Bureau of statistics, this figure was about 11 percent less for the Australian-born population. The skillful population of South Africa seems to be immigrating to other countries and maybe this is the reason; the DHA had to liberate the regulations for South Africa Work Visa to meet up the requirements in their country.

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