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Long Term Multiple Entry Visit Visa

Else Visa  has enough data to provide you all the necessary details before applying for the long-term multiple entry visit visa to South Africa. The details of such update is discussed below:

Facilitating travel to South Africa appears to have again turned into thought for the South African Department of Home Affairs. With the declaration, came the news that a long term different passage visa for frequent travellers to the Republic is probably going to be presented soon.

Academics or the frequent business travellers who are holding a passport from an African Nation can apply for the long-term multiple entry visas for the period up to ten years and the individual can eliminate the need of an application for each visit to the country.

As we know that in the recent times frequent business travellers to South Africa, who are the citizens of the African nations, will be issued with the visitor’s visa for the period of 10 years but their visit may not exceed a period of 90 days.

The proceedings for this kind of visa have included North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa except few countries which are on the visa exempt list. The long term multiple entry visas would put a conclusion to visit and monotonous organization right now connected with making a trip to the nation and is probably going to address the issue of visa application handling accumulations experienced by the Department.

This type of visa will strengthen the country’s economy as it will encourage the business between South Africa and other countries that require visa entry to the republic. This positive move will strengthen the knots between the two which will help in the country’s growth.

Few more steps to be taken by the Department of Home Affairs for long term multiple entry visa south africa

  • The employers should be made aware of this long-term multiple entry facilities
  • Frequent business travellers should be tracked and the facility of the same should be given to them
  • Countries with no South African Mission will receive an application by post and their biometrics will be captured upon arrivals at the ports.
  • An expansion on concession will be taken care of by DHA for the BRICS nations

It must be kept in mind that the concession will not be eligible for the individual who is the first time visitor to the republic. DHA will regularly determine the eligibility and regularity of the applicant’s trip to the South African Republic.

This type of visa is available in two types of categories which are stated below:

  • 3-year multiple entry visa (for all the trusted travellers to South Africa)
  • 10-year long term multiple entry visa (for business persons and academics to African country)

For the BRICS countries (i.e. Brazil, Russia, India and China) this type of visa will be issued within 5 days of application, this is to encourage the potential investors who will invest in South Africa and help the country to improve its economy.


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