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Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Visa

Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Visa

Else Visa will assist the people of Zimbabwe with their applications from 1st October to 31st December 2014. The new rules and regulations are quite strict and process completely held online. Online application forms are available.  This means if you are not user friendly with web or computer that may lead you towards the huge problems. Else Visa also encourage the people of Zimbabweans to apply online all the process.

Else Visa trained and experienced consultants will help you with online immigration application process and requirements. Our experts are also assist you with collecting all the necessary documents and make sure that your visa or immigration application should be submitted on-time.  

NWI Application Process:

  • Personal assistant assigned for you
  • Complete assessment for current status and document
  • Professional’s assistance with the collection of additional documents
  • Help offered to create an online account on official website to upload document
  • Help available to complete your application  
  • Help To book an appointment via online booking system

People of Zimbabweans currently using an expired DZP will not be banned from South Africa at any port entry arrested in country for using expired DZP Visa.

How Do I Start Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Visa Process

All Zimbabwean citizens need to pay fees for it which is approximately amount of R 1990. The people are instructed to use last name as payment reference. And the next payment amount is R870 will need to be paid on the day of your appointment.

Else Visa is an experienced visa consultancy firm which offer immigration assistant for Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Visa Process. We offer experienced professional assistant to submit your application online as well. 

We are here to help the Zimbabwean to get the familiar from online process and make process handy for them. If you have issues regarding the subject, then write us on e-mail or connect via phone call. We offer our immigration assistant services absolutely free for you.


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Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Visa

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