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Quota Work Permit

The new regulation implemented for South Africa quota work permit, but foreign nationals can still employed in South Africa with the legal quota work permit. Else Visa detailed blog explain how people submit their application for Quota work permit South Africa. Employees can work with their rescinded visa and continue using the document until it official expiration date has come and after that they can apply for South Africa work permit or special skill visa.

It is clearly means that the department of home affairs South Africa will no longer issue new Visa under the category of Quota work permit. If you have Quota work permit or Quota visa, then you won't be able to submit renewal application and now you can apply for a fresh application in different categories including critical skills visa. But occupant skill must be listed as per critical skill visa list of South Africa. Critical skill list South Africa is available on the official website of Else Visa.

The basic criteria of South Africa work permit is parallel to the Quota work visa but you can also applied across the wide range of employment types. People must able to produce a contract of employment and meet the eligibility criteria which is mentioned by the department of home affairs South Africa which included to:

  • A copy of a regional passport
  • A valid appointment
  • Passport valid for at least 30 days and need to attach passport copy while submitting visa application
  • A complete medical report or medical history
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • The applicant also need to attach their job description, job letter and employment proof with this application.

How to get visa process faster

The people will also have to written a letter to accepting the responsibility for the first related to their expenditure of applicant or his/her dependent family members. It became important that they will ensure employer passport is valid while they are employ. Moreover, can also search a local immigration consultant who can help you for all the procedure. Inexperienced local immigration consultant can help you to revise candidate qualification and skills document as per other visa categories.

Else Visa is an experienced immigration consultant based in Johannesburg, South Africa which can help you with the issue of quota work permit South Africa. We are here to provide complete assistant for immigration South Africa in different categories of visas.

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