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Intra Company Work Permit

What is Intra Company Work Permit?

Intra Company Work Permit is a type of visa that permits a company to transfer an employee from an overseas organization branch to an affiliated business or branch in South Africa. So, that employee should apply for Intra-company work visa to enter in South Africa. This visa type is used when a foreign-based MNC wants to transfer knowledge and skills to their company's branch in South Africa.

Unlike the critical skills work visa, the applicant does not require to verify their qualification. The applicant will need both the South African and overseas company subsidiary to undertakes various responsibilities.

Who should apply for an Intra-company transfer work visa?

Best for the MNCs, this type of permit allows for a temporary immigration route for office employees to South Africa. Employers should know that intra company permit is eligible where the staff members are needed in SA for the duration of 4 years not more than that.

If an employee wants to stay longer for more than 4 years, then the intra company work permit is not eligible to apply for.

An Intra-company transfer is a temporary work permit South Africa only, and as such its validity period is for a maximum of four years. Please note an Intra-company transfer work visa cannot be extended.

Length of stay

Intra company work visa is a temporary visa and is valid for a maximum of 4 years. Also, this visa cannot be extended for any purpose.


Children and spouses can be included in this type of Visa.

List of documents to be submitted

Applicants for this visa should meet certain eligibility criteria for the visa to be verified:

  • A duly filled Application form ( use black ink for filling the application form)
  • A contract between the employer's foreign branch and the applicant.
  • An invitation letter from the employer’s foreign branch, verifying the transfer.
  • A letter from the South Africa branch, verifying the applicant’s job profile and the duration of employment in South Africa.
  • Proof of financial means like Traveler's checks or bank statements.
  • A vaccination certificate, if the applicant is traveling through a yellow fever area.
  • A signed letter from the visa applicant's employer saying:
  • The applicant will leave the country within 4 years
  • Applicant’s passport is valid
  • The applicant will only be hired in the capacity mentioned on their application
  • The Applicant will follow with the rules and protocols of their visa
  • Radiological and Medical reports
  • Police record certificates
  • A marriage certificate ( if the applicant is married)
  • Adoption or Birth certificate, where the applicant’s kids are included in the visa application form.

All the Intra company work permit eligibility criteria must be and all required documentation must be submitted.

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Intra Company Work Permit

Intra Company Work Permit

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