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Exceptional Skills Permit

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Exceptional skills permit is issued to applicant in possession of expect known skills or qualification that are majorly required in South Africa. The work permit shall we issued for a time frame not exceeding 5 years. Where there is no job or employment, an exceptional skill visa shall be issued for a period of not more one year.

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South African government has a list of critical skills or exceptional skills which is majorly required for the growth of country. The government in the people to come in South Africa who have skills as per given list. You can see complete list at the official website of Else Visa. South African government is count in liberal government which not discriminate gender, colour, nationality, religion and so on to provide exceptional skills work permit. The only one thing you need that you have particular skills which majorly required in South Africa.

What can I do with my exceptional skill work permit in South Africa?

By the help of exceptional skills permit, you are able to do work and live in South Africa as per the provision and condition of the visa until it expires.

You need to be sure to apply a fresh one permit before expiring your previous one. It is the best alternative visa options before your current visa expires. Failure of applying fresh work permit VISA comes under the amendment of law and you will be charged or behind the bar. Moreover you will not allowed to enter again in South Africa as long as 5 years.

Contact to inexperienced migration consultant to discuss your visa options and Visa expiry issues. The experts will assist you the better way to apply critical skills visa for general work visa after studying your present circumstances.

South Africa critical skills visa

This visa aim to grab the attention of foreign talent, knowledge, qualification and experience for the growth of South Africa. This Visa plan only launched to grow South Africa by investing experience of foreigners who hold specific skills. As South Africa government want to do progress in all areas or domains.

The visa applicant does not required any secured employment before applying this permit of visa in South Africa, you can also search the job after reaching south Africa. You can easily land in job or South Africa government gives you one year time to search job in a specific field.

Do I have qualify for Exceptional Skills Permanent Residency?

The South African exceptional skills or critical skills visa is not a gateway to get permanent residency immediately, unless you have been working on exceptional skill work permit from 5 years. However, you can also get permanent residency on the basis of general work visa as well but the only condition is the visa duration for 5 years.

An additional benefit to those who successfully applied for a South African Critical Skills Visa is that, with proof of experience of more than five years in one of the listed occupations, you would qualify to apply for South African residency immediately.

Else Visa is an experienced visa consultant who provide advice and services to apply critical skill work permit for South Africa. We have enough of experience to solve your issues related to critical skills visa. We offer or services absolutely free to the people who are looking for critical skill visa or work permit for South Africa from India.

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