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Life Partner Permit

The life partner of South African citizen of permanent residence may join their loved one in country by getting a South Africa life partner permit. The life partner permit can be apply with temporary visa application and it allows you not only live in the country but you can also study or work in the country. Even, you can also run business in South Africa on the behalf of life partner permit South Africa.

South African government is considered the most progressive Government and allow foreigners to live in the country and become an important part for the growth of country. This means that South Africa government does not discriminate on the basis of colour, age, race, gender, religion and so on. South African government also allow same sex marriages and sex union and such kinds of relationship has equal right in South Africa.

How you can qualify for life partner permit South Africa

South African government is very strict about the life partner permit policies. This means you need to be prove your involvement with your South African partner at least from last 2 years to qualify the work permit.

How to prepare yourself to get approval for life partner permit South Africa

  • You need to show your expenses responsibilities which associated with your cohabitation partner. These expenses also include electricity and water bills and so on. You need to submit bond documents or rental agreement for this.
  • You need to open a joint bank account to apply this life partner permit South Africa. The bank account details is required to show that your foreign national partner is financially excellent and they are not burden in South Africa to their partners. It is an important part of South African social welfare system.
  • Need to submit a proof for long standing relationship. As a proof, you can submit holiday photos, letters cards from friends and family that might support your long standing relationship claim. 20 proof can you show your commitment toward your relationship.

Is interview important to get life partner permit South Africa

It is very important to go for interview. As South African Embassy arrange this interview to check your eligibility to get life partner permit for South Africa. In this interview, South Africa consulates ask question related to your relationship and financial responsibility to finalize your life partner permit South Africa. So if you skip the interview, then you didn't get this permit.

Life partner work permit time

Life partner work permit is only allowed up to 2 years. But you can easily remove this life partner work permit by fresh application.

What is the process of applying life partner work permit South Africa?

  • Need to show enough evidence in support of your relationship which is more than 2 year or up to two years.
  • If you are first time applicant then you need to apply this permit from their country.
  • Applicants already in ownership of any of the temporary citizenship visas may apply for a modification of their present visa status. This means that applicants presently in the country on, for case, a general work visa would be capable to apply for a modification of status to that of a Life Partner visa.
  • You can also talk with professional immigration consultant about the life partner permit south Africa process. It will help you to avoid that your application is turned down.

If you need for the assistant regarding life partner permit South Africa, then connect with Else Visa. We can help you to process your permit application and help you to prepare the file for submission. We didn't take any charges or fees for this.

Can I apply for permanent residency instead?

Foreign national partners of South African citizens or permanent residents may apply for both the Life Partner Permit and South African residency simultaneously if proof exists that the relationship is at least five years old.


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