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Critical Skills List are expected

Bigger than anticipated, changes to SA’s Critical Skills List are expected

The latest amendment to South Africa’s Critical Skills list has been made with some issues after a draft Critical skills list was flowed. The minister of the SA Department of Home Affairs in September 2018 declared that a latest critical skills list is anticipated to be launch in 2019 in a draft form of this document has circulated with the proposed latest list of skills that will be considered for a critical skills permit.

There’s no need to panic, as the Department of Home Affairs says the draft critical skills list will first be circulated for public consultation before finalizing the new list.

People raised an eyebrow when the much-anticipated draft list launched, notably the draft list excludes certain skills which have been a principal of the list in past years. The interesting thing is the new mentioned occupations in the list include teachers with experience and qualification in Science, engineering, technology, and Mathematics.

Great news for STEM teachers

The government of South Africa is in an attempt to fix the shortage of good Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics lectures and teacher, have recommended a lot of changes to the system which will solve the talent shortage.

Common occupations will require a job offer to be eligible for a visa. The new list is shorter as compared to the current list. It is because the Department of home affairs saw that many of the categories were not in use.

Should the new constitution be approved most occupations mentioned on the updated critical skills list will need applicants to be on a valid job offer prior to applying for the visa application.

Occupation listed

If the draft list comes into play it is anticipated that the document of occupations that qualify of critical skills visa south Africa will be curtailed and the norm for the issuing of critical visa somewhat become more challenging.

The draft document is considerably shorter as compare to previous versions of the Critical Skills list. However, the South Africa Department of Home Affairs pays attention to concerns regarding the critical skills list stating that this draft list will only be concluded after discussing with the Department of labor and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Could be beneficial for foreign students

When the much-anticipated list of occupations declared in the closing time of 2018. It implied on the fact that the overseas students who graduate from any South African university courses regarding the Critical skills occupation shortlist will be provided the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in South Africa, on the completion of their graduation.

If you are applying for a critical skills visa, we suggest you finalize and submit your visa application form as fast as possible. If you need any type of help, our team of immigration practitioners will help you and suggest the best alternatives to qualify your critical skills visa.

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