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People who want to work in South Africa and eager to contribute in national building. If you are from India and want to work in South Africa, then you can apply for work visa. Even, if you already get job from South African company, then it can help you to get grant on your work visa or work permit South Africa.

The work visa or work permit approval comes under the South African Department of Labour. The work permit only offered to the people who have already job in hand. And, on the basis of job proof, you will eligible to get work visa permit. Moreover, your company of South Africa recommendation letter is also required in your favour.

  • Incomplete application is rejected by the South Africa embassy, consulate or department of home Affairs office.
  • SAQA utility – The South African qualifications Authority (SAQA). That is one of the necessities for a standard services visa whereby SAQA evaluates all foreign qualifications and converts them to a South African training equal.
  • Police Clearance certificate (for all applicants older than 18 years of age).This requirement for a work visa is a report issued by way of the police or security authority in every united states you have resided a couple of year and confirms the existence or nonexistence of any prosecutions or convictions that may be registered towards you.
  • Proof of residents. In order to show proof that a local candidate (South African Citizen or everlasting resident) has tried to be recruited to the position. Those necessities for a standard work visa desires to satisfy precise requirements in phrases of where positioned, length of ad etc.
  • Employer documentation that includes your agreement of employment and a letter of under taking for the repatriation deposit.

Else Visa can help you to apply work visa South Africa and also solve issues related to work visa. Experienced consultants are always available to assist you and provide support as well. We offer our assistant and expert advice absolutely free to the Indians.

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