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Beginners Guide To Meaning and Purpose of No Objection Letter

The process of appealing for a South Africa visa is quite daunting. You may just plan to travel across the world or visit friends or dear ones, but the visa application process may haunt you and the bulk of paperwork seems terrifying. 

South Africa visa allows you to travel the country as a traveler and have fun in the country for the specified time.  But the procedure to obtain the SA tourist visa is quite stressful and for this, an applicant needs to show proof that they will come back to their country. 

Fortunately, there are documents which assist with showing that an applicant will not live in the country after their visa expiry and that will not result in living in the country illegitimately. The thing we are talking about is the document noted as "No Objection Letter” ( NOC).

Along with the essential documents you needed to apply for a visa, one document is NOC, which most of you have no idea about what the purpose of it is, but is a very useful document.  It's not hard to get, but many people don't know what it is about and how to get it?

So, we have explained in detail about a NOC Letter. This will clear your queries regarding this visa document. 

What is the meaning and purpose of No Objection letter?

NOC stands for No objection letter, it is a type of letter from your school/college/employer which shows that an applicant has contractual duties in your hometown, which you would come back to. So, along with the documents like passport, vaccination, an applicant can submit NOC as well. 

This document is not compulsory to provide with your visa application in all countries. It is an optional document, However, it's not a bad thing to submit it along with your other essential documents as it will help boost up your application processing and will speed up your possibilities of obtaining the South African Visa. 

No objection letters are generally of two types. 

  1. NOC for employees
  2. NOC for students

How to obtain a NOC letter from the University or Organization?

There are innumerous ways of obtaining NOC. The easiest way is to ask about it to your company's supervisor for the NOC.

What is the format of a No Objection Letter?

The No objection certificate format for a visa is very simple.  it does not require to be lengthy and complicated but should contain the information that the university or company do not have issues to their student or employee obtaining a SA visa to Travel. 

A  NOC Letter includes the following components:

  • Date of addressing the NOC letter 
  • Visa Center Address
  • Name of student/employee
  • Name of academic adviser/ supervisor
  • Contact and address details  of academic supervisor/ adviser
  • A paragraph saying that the university or a company has no problems to the trip
  • Signature
  • Email

Summing up by saying, NOC is an optional document to submit along with your other required visa documents. But, submitting it will hugely boost your probabilities of having your South Africa visa application approved and accepted.

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