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Is South Africa safe…Part 1

Is South Africa safe…Part 1

If you are wondering whether South Africa is safe to visit considering the recent hitch, I’m proud to tell you that South Africa can be a very safe place for you to be as long as you're properly prepared.

South Africa has incredible places to visit – from wildlife encounters and breathtaking mountain vistas to the sun-soaked coasts. Though there are common things like malaria and crime, taking reasonable precautions will keep you, your friends, and your family members perfectly safe in South Africa.

South Africa is a dynamic, vibrant, and exciting country though with some socio-economic problems, which is responsible for the country’s high crime rate. However, the good news is that as long as you are sensible, prepared, and did your homework properly, you would find South Africa very safe for you.

If you are planning to travel to South Africa but concerned about your safety, here are some useful travel tips for you:

How Safe Is Staying In South Africa?

Most areas in South Africa are safe to visit and the chances that you will become a victim of violent crime are very low. However, South Africa has a travel advisory that recommends that tourists must exercise a high level of caution due to the alarming rate of serious crime in the country.

There are reported cases of robberies on the roads and at shopping centers. So it is advisable to avoid public transports. More so, crime rates are higher during dark hours, at isolated beaches, township areas, and lookouts, etc. This calls for avoidance of dark and isolated areas. 

ATM scams are also predominant in the country, so try as much as possible to avoid using ATMs that open onto a street. Using a bank is advisable and endeavor to limit your withdrawals.

Being a highly risky country, it is recommended that you take out travel insurance plan suitable for your trip to South Africa. Do you wonder if the South African government does nothing to these crimes?

Definitely, not so! There are some government policies that benefit tourists. For instance, tourists can benefit from the following: cover for hijacking, theft of cash, credit cards, travel documents, luggage, personal effect; and emergency medical expenses, etc.

How Safe Are The Foods In South Africa?

There is nothing really different about South African foods. The foods are of the same standard as the food you would expect in your home. Therefore, follow the same precautions that you would follow for food in your home country. That would save you from nasty illnesses.

However, observe the following to avoid any upset stomach in South Africa:

  • Avoid foods that have been kept at room temperature for too long, such as foods from street vendors or buffet foods.
  • Ensure that your foods are thoroughly cooked. More so, stay away from sushi, rare meats, or any other food that the restaurant does not specialize in.
  • Except if you are so sure, avoid unpeeled fruit and fresh salads, and avoid brushing your teeth with the tap water.

How Safe Is The Water In South Africa?

Tap water is the major source of water in South Africa and it is generally safe to drink. However, it is ideal to confirm from the locals before drinking. There is lots of bottled water everywhere in South Africa, so you need not bring along water purification tablets with you.

How Safe Is It to Travel to South Africa Alone?

The short answer is “it is very safe.” Solo travellers are safe in South Africa. More so, you will find many other solo travellers including female, enjoying themselves in South Africa. Nevertheless, there are still some precautions you must take to minimize your risks. 

  • If you are a solo female traveller, wear a crossbody bag to prevent bag snatchers.
  • Avoid walking alone after dark and if you have to walk, avoid carrying anything valuable.
  • Avoid hiking alone. Find a group or partner to go with you.
  • Keep to places with lots of people.

If you have any other question as regards your safety in South Africa or you need help with your South African visa application, kindly contact us today and our friendly consultants will promptly respond to you. Contact us now on +27 (0) 61 578 0000 or email us at info@elsemart.com.

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