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Critical skills work visa

How to Get a Critical Skills Work Visa in South Africa?

South Africa had been known as one of the best economies in the continent with regards to its newly emerging industries and other scientific and technological developments. With more opportunities and vacancies in both the public and private sectors, there are now more foreigners applying for the Critical Skills Work Visa in South Africa.

The government of South Africa had been significantly increasing its global reputation through various means. All this also has been resultant in the ease of laws for applicants who were long seeking employment in South Africa. The critical skills work visa a part of these efforts by the government of South Africa.

To be eligible for Critical visa, an applicant needs to qualify certain factors:

  • Submit an intent letter
  • verification that your  work skills fall under the critical skills list
  • Critical skills required education
  • verification that you have funds to cover your expense in South Africa
  • Meet health requirements

What does critical skills visa lets you do:

  • It allows the applicant along with his spouse/family members can travel, work anywhere in the country.
  • It allows individuals to apply for permanent residence in South Africa.

Fee/Charges for the critical skills permit:

  • Visa application fee: Rs. 7892/-
  • Visa logistics fee: Rs. 2301/-
  • Qualification Assessment: Rs. 5000/- per qualification
  • Visa processing time: Within 60-90 Days*


Verify that your skills are on the critical skills list

You can search online the list of critical skills in south Africa. Check the list carefully to see if your qualifications/skills match any of those mentioned on the list.  If you find a match, great you are eligible for the visa.

Proof of financial means

Provide at least 4 month-bank statement or pay slip verifying that you are financially strong to live in South Africa.

Proof of Accommodation

Before submitting your application, make sure you have proof of accommodation in South Africa. It could be in the form of a lease agreement, utility bill, etc.

Final step- Submit your critical skills visa application

Submit your critical skills permit at and South Africa Embassy or VFS Center. If you are a citizen to any of the below-mentioned countries, you are required to  submit visa application at your nearest VFS Centre:

If you see your country name in the above list, visit the nearest VFS center with your critical skills visa south Africa. In case, your country is not mentioned above, submit your visa application at the Embassy near you. With the critical skills work visa it had been easier for foreign individuals to seek better opportunities of work and fulfil their desires of living abroad. You may consider the above mentioned details while applying for a critical skills visa.

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