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Business English Training Course Summary

Our Business English course has been designed to upskill English-speaking skills of non-native speakers to communicate more confidently in English in Business contexts. The course will enhance student’s English vocabulary, and ability to communicate in English over professional and social interactions and learn terminology and skills that you can apply at telephone conversations, business negotiations, reporting and general email communication and professional presentations.

Course Objectives

  • Enhance your career opportunities by improving your English language skills
  • Enable you to function effectively in a business environment
  • Master essential vocabulary, business jargons and expressions used at the business place
  • Offers a practical approach to corporate communication which includes training in the principles and key elements of business writing and the effective delivery of oral presentations
  • 1000s of sentences and expressions to use during various situations at work
  • Impress your colleagues, customers, bosses with good command over the English language during meetings, negotiations, giving feedback and through email correspondence

Course Outline

Social Interaction

  • Meeting & Greeting
  • Engaging conversation and prompting
  • Conversational techniques

Types of business communication, including telephone skills, e- mail skills, text messaging, making and changing appointments, writing presentations

Effective Interaction in meetings, agreeing and disagreeing

The Language of Negotiating

Making short Presentations, word building

Talking about products and brands

Talking about the Company, job profile

  • Discussing Plans
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Staff
  • Organization and Structure
  • Development
  • Market Position and Competition

Describing trends and change, ethical consumerism, international outsourcing

Management Styles: Using the right language

Cultural Difference: How culture affects the way we speak, common expressions, social responses

Talking about Money, Finance

Schedules, Plans, and Timetables

Talking about national, international and global factors, economies

Voice projection, pronunciation, showing enthusiasm, contrastive stress, stress in phrasal verbs and tonality

Who can Beneift from this Training

  • Entrepreneurs
  • HR Professionals
  • Corporate Employees who are involved in Sales, Marketing Professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Job Applicants

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