Who can apply for a South Africa Spousal Visa?

If you are in a beautiful relationship with someone who lives in South Africa and who hold permanent residency or citizenship, You as an immigrant are eligible to appeal for a fiance visa or spousal visa to enter in South Africa and lives with your life partner.

A spousal visa is also called a life Partner permit, it is issued to a person who is involved in a sincere relationship where one spouse is a native of South Africa. This visa is typically for the people who are in love but resides in different countries.

To get this visa type, An applicant has to show the proof that they had been in a relationship of maximum 5 years, for this immigrant need a sworn affidavit which shows the true value of the relationship. Both heterosexual or homosexual spouses are treated equally for all spouses visas.

Once a spouse has a partner visa, she or he becomes authorized to get permanent residency in South Africa.

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